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Done, did, doing, do
May 21, 2009, 01:46
Filed under: Lists

Three things at the top of my going-to-do list right now:

Credit goes to Nicolas Valentin, flickr.com








Credit goes to Jenny Romney, flickr.com








Credit goes to Kelly Sims, flickr.com









And a nagging concern: I need to learn how to use Photoshop, Illustrator and Indesign soon!


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woootz~ your most loyal ‘reader’!
the one w xian but no qian.
wanted to say ~ there is two way to fulfil all the things on your to-do list!
one: sleep at night
two: take afternoon nap
happy dreaming !~

Comment by `jiamin

hello reader! why need to dream? 1 = cycling, 2 = getting treats mwahaha, 3 = drumming! all very doable!

okay maybe the second one needs persuasion, but i’ve alr managed to secure a treat from your dear A-star friend :-D

Comment by zhree

dream faster what.
whr gt a-star friend. the first thought was the a-star research institute which links to meng shuen !? so i re-thought. o_0
she zao jiu bei bian to z alr. haha

Comment by `jiamin

haha bei bian de hao. z-star friend actually sounds cooler!

Comment by zhree

omg it wasn’t meant to sound cool. T_T its a demotion afteralls. it has a negative connotation to it. is this how to spell it . whahahs

Comment by `jiamin

Wait, i’m confused.. so just who is the A-star fren?? My first reaction was mengshuen also.. LOL

Comment by Krystal

haha no it’s the easily-exploited ongo pongo lah! (real name hidden to protect her from further exploitation)

btw i just realised that i can edit all your comments! scary!

Comment by zhree

haha Astar friend. i was wondering jiamin got astar friend meh! LOL. join us in our mission to cycle from pasir ris to school next time! :D

Comment by tyb

haha nvm what A-star or Z-star friend, jiamin (aka emo king) got own loyal (?) subjects leh, even better.

wah PR to TR, hardcore!

Comment by zhree

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