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May 20, 2009, 02:03
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Two episodes of this series and I’m hooked! Anime fan or not, you have to watch this!

The Synopsis:

Monster is about the nightmare of realizing that your best intentions can sometimes have the most disastrous consequences. For Dr. Tenma, a brilliant neurosurgeon, this occurs when he chooses to save the life of a little boy over the life of the mayor of Düsseldorf, against the wishes of the Head Surgeon of Eisler Memorial Hospital. This riveting story chronicles the lengths that Dr. Tenma will go to in order to make reparations for that one course of action he took.”

– Edited excerpt from anime-planet.com

The Critical Reviews:

“…sophisticated storytelling and complex plot weaving, memorable characters, godly production values and excellent pacing…”

– Dominic K Laeno, THEM Anime Reviews 4.0

“Character designs stand out for their realism and attention to facial structure, especially regarding emotions. The dynamic use of light and shadow both augments tone and adds layers of character to the series. The background art – executed to a near photorealistic quality – is a feat in itself.”

– Edited excerpt from TheCriticsClub’s review

If words are not compelling enough, then how about moving images?

Monster Episode 1 Part 1

Monster Episode 1 Part 2

Monster Episode 1 Part 3


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lol got stats de ar (: hahas you thank your blog lor. it didn’t quite occur to me the day on the day itself !! hahas (:
and when. state larhs.

Comment by `jiamin

haha why you post sms reply here. but yea i’m here watching the embedded videos lol! yup got stats, but cannot track names don’t worry. just that i can guess who visits because i didn’t tell a lot of ppl abt the blog.

“it didn’t quite occur to me the day on the day itself.” don’t understand what you mean leh

Comment by zhree

your birthday! lOL

Comment by `jiamin

btw i didn’t get to choose the stupid winged monster please ! i think only you have the chance and authority of changing it lor !

Comment by `jiamin

haha nope me neither!

Comment by zhree

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