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May 19, 2009, 04:14
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Watched Wolverine recently, and it got me thinking about the superpowers that ordinary people hanker after. Like this:









Yes, adamantium claws (accompanied by Hugh Jackman’s rippling bod!) sure look impressive, but who needs them in real life?

What I really want is this

I know this picture doesn't say anything about her powers, but it's hard to find one that does.









Nope not Kayla’s beauty, but… her power to influence human behaviour and emotions via physical contact! Understated but incredibly handy!

I think this is actually the most powerful ability you could ever have, but in the movie it goes totally unnoticed amidst the displays of flashy powers. Worse, in the hands of a female (Kayla), this subtle power of persuasion only appears to serve one purpose – to temper men’s aggressive nature and stop them from clawing each other’s lungs out. Boy, here we go again about the gender stereotypes!


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