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Go Go Glambert
May 17, 2009, 20:28
Filed under: Good Stuff, Music

Hello, I’m a newly converted Adam Lambert fan! It’s hard not to be after seeing how freakishly talented he is. Just look at his re-invention of Aerosmith’s “Cryin’ “:

sobbing @ Yahoo! Video
I’ve tried to embed the video many many times, but only the link appears. *Frustrated* So here you go, the thumbnail! Click on it to watch the video :-) 

Btw, the one who introduced me to this eyeliner-wearing flamboyant person was actually my mom, can you believe it! She sees him as the perfect example of “the proper way of singing” and even faithfully records his performances. (While usually shunning all things American!) Apparently Adam always raises his tongue when hitting the high notes, proving that these notes are projected straight from his dan tian.







(Try saying AHH with your tongue up like Adam to feel the strain on your tummy!)

And my dad, the harsh critic of popular crooners, admits that Adam has the makings of a countertenor and hails him as “the next Michael Jackson”. Yes it’s about time for the deformed King of Pop to move aside for someone equally theatrical (and hopefully less dangerous) to take over!

On a side note, someone with a boy-next-door charm like Kris is pretty appealing too, but nobody can beat the star power of Glambert.

Shall end this post with the song “Mad World (Cover)” by Adam, my personal favourite:


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