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May 16, 2009, 01:46
Filed under: Rant

Hmph thought I’ll be able to edit the default font type and size for the WordPress theme I’m using, but nooooo. Not unless I’m willing to pay for the CSS upgrade, and to do that I need a good command of CSS. (What is CSS?) Looks like WordPress doesn’t offer people much control over their blogs after all, save for those IT pros who are willing to fork out money to make their blogs pretty :-(

Actually I’ve checked out the forums that teach users how to change the fonts for individual posts, and have tried it successfully, BUT after doing that, all the breaks in between separate paragraphs just mysteriously disappeared. WHY?!?! I’ve inserted <p>s and <br>s frantically to no avail. So I looked up the official WordPress support page, and it essentially says, “It’s a hassle. Don’t bother changing your font.

Guess they’re right. I gave up! So you readers (presuming that there’s any) will have to struggle with this tiny Arial font. Will train your eyesight!  Then next time you’ll be able to see all the way down to the last row of this:

Eye Chart

[off topic]

I’m nervous! ADM tea party tomorrow! But after that I’ll be meeting old friends, for a combined 3-in-1 celebration :-D


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omg. guess i am the first to comment on your blog. (well didn’t you send me that please visit my new blog msg to hint that i should come here and leave some comment)
Aren’t I a great friend? i was here the moment you smsed me. ((:
talking about breaks and fonts. i am not sure what you are trying to say. perhaps you could enlighten me on what you are trying to express and perhaps we could beautify your blog together ^.~ LOL

Comment by `jiamin

haha i only told the 2 JMs at the moment. wah my hidden intentions got exposed!

about the fonts and paragraph breaks thing, nvm alr. i shall just stick to this :-) and i’ve changed the comments setting, so now they’ll show up right after they’re posted.

Comment by zhree

orh i have something esle to add… pardon if this looks spam-ish.
either way, the front page doesn’t show as though a comment has been received. but ah well, the comments show up.
anyways. I like small fonts ! very ((:

Comment by `jiamin

btw your monster avatar so cute! got bat wings. mine looks like a moldy tofu going on demonstration

Comment by zhree

ROFL. Anyway, i get what u mean abt the paragraphs and breaks thing. Sometimes it irritates me too, but i generally manage to fumble my way thru until i get what i want, lol.
Maybe blogger is a better host if u wanna personalise yr blog but dun have the technical skills to do them(like me).. lol.. But i wouldn’t know since i hvnt tried wordpress before.. haha

Comment by Krystal

nvm i’m sort of used to wordpress alr, and i prefer the name wordpress over blogspot. (haha actually that was my primary concern!) plus the creators of wordpress are rich so they won’t have to resort to putting ads on everyone’s blogs someday, like livejournal.

Comment by zhree

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